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Our Mission Statement

Real Gunkie sells custom designs, vintage pieces, and active apparel all in one shop. This is what sets us apart from the competition. Real Gunkie allows the customer to feel elite and exclusive at a one-stop clothing shop. Real Gunkie has the ability to keep the fashion-forward and fashion cautious customer exclusive. Why shop anywhere else when you have Real Gunkie?

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Upon graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Consumer Studies, Tki Francis moved to New Orleans to pursue her career in fashion, and this is when Real Gunkie was born. Since the birth of Real Gunkie, the clothing company has been featured in several fashion shows including Raw New Orleans, Raw Austin Texas, Rock the Runway Essence 2017 hosted by Angel Love of Basketball Wives, a Featured Designer in New Orleans Fashion Week 2018, the Renaissance fashion show during New York Fashion Week, Let the Good Times Roll Festival in Shreveport, Walk Fashion Show during Los Angeles Fashion Week, and toured with Coastal Fashion Week. Real Gunkie was made her presence known on several radio interviews and commercials on Music Exchange Radio, radio commercials and interviews on 103.7 Tha beat in Shreveport, Louisiana, news interviews on Fox 33 in Shreveport, Louisiana, front-page news in the Shreveport Times, Louisiana Tech University Featured Alumni, published in the Bossier Press-Tribune, and a published stylist in 7 Hues Magazine. She has also launched her Real Gunkie Fashion Program which is a free fashion camp dedicated to the youth. The Real Gunkie brand has traveled all over gaining knowledge and building brand awareness. She has used her expertise to host two fashion shows in her hometown while collaborating with her fashion favorites from all over the Southeast Region. Tki Francis is active in her community of New Orleans and Shreveport-Bossier Louisiana, and she is positioning Real Gunkie to be a household name.

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